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If you’re a first-time seller in 78132 and want help understanding the process, allow us to help. We’ll be here to guide you along the selling path, beginning with the valuation and moving on to the listing, marketing, home tours, negotiating, and the closing paperwork. Starting with a CMA, we’ll learn your home’s value and asking price. And we’ll continue with generating an attractive listing that we’ll market extensively.

You can be sure that through our digital and traditional marketing measures, buyers will see and fall in love with your home. They’ll come for tours, make competitive offers, and go to the negotiating table with us to close on the best deal. We understand that it’s your first time, and though it sounds as simple as that, there’s a lot of work and consideration that goes into it that we’ll go over with you.

As a first-time seller in 78132, you want to feel confident about your decisions and comfortable about moving forward. We won’t inundate you with overwhelming information, but we also won’t leave you in the dark or take advantage of you. Ideally, you want to close on a quick home sale at the highest possible price. And we’ve got the knowledge, tools, and experience to make that happen.

I’m REALTOR® Eric Pipkin, and the Pipkin Group is ready to answer your questions and alleviate your concerns. We’ve all been in your shoes before, and we’ve assisted countless homeowners previously through their first process selling a home. When you want a team that’s loyal to your needs and dedicated to the task, then call us today, and let’s schedule a consultation.

Tips for a first-time seller: https://www.thebalance.com/mega-tips-for-a-first-time-home-seller-4057383

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