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First Time Buyers New Braunfels

As first-time buyers in New Braunfels, you have quite a few assistance programs available to you. We know that you want your initial foray into home-buying to be successful, and that’s why we’re here to help break it down to you in clear and transparent language. We’ll help you understand how to qualify for these programs, as well as what classes are available to you as a first-time homeowner.

As long as your total household income and credit score align, you can look forward to no down payments and no to low interest on your loans. But with these programs comes restrictions on which houses you can buy. Not to worry, however, as there are several suitable options among the inventory, and one of them is waiting to be your first-ever home! Are you ready to scan the listings?

We’ve helped many first-time buyers in New Braunfels settle into their first-ever home. And we love seeing new families establish themselves among our communities. Buying your first home is a significant step in your life, and we’re honored to be there at your side to help make it happen. Because we’ve been through it countless times already with clients, we’re here to ensure that your home purchase is a success!

I’m REALTOR® Eric Pipkin, and the Pipkin Group has the knowledge, skills, and information you need on your side to feel confident and informed about your decisions. Our high-quality services for novice homebuyers will prepare you for the road ahead. We’re ready to hear more about your wants and needs so that we can help put the keys to your first home in your hands! Call us today.

More first-time homebuyer assistance: https://www.bankrate.com/mortgages/first-time-homebuyer-grants-and-programs/

  • First-time buyers in New Braunfels can get all the help they need with us

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